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Government of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

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Call for proposals to organise Official Side events at DELHI INTERNATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY CONFERENCE (DIREC), 2010 – 27th to 29th October, 2010

Official Side Events are events that take place in the margins of the official inter-governmental meetings, organized for the purpose of sharing experiences and increasing opportunities for dialogue among the meeting's participants. Side events have been an important part of previous three IRECs held at Bonn Renewables, 2004, BIREC, 2005 and WIREC, 2008 and are expected to be similarly important at the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference (DIREC), 2010.

The DIREC 2010 will allow governments, multilateral organizations, and non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGos) to host Official Side Events which will be mini-conferences on a specific topic—usually lasting about 1 ½ to 2 hours. The Side Events must be accepted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and REN21 and should be directly related to the goals and objectives of DIREC 2010, reflecting an approach that integrates technological, policy, financial, economic, social, and environmental dimensions. Side events will be open and free of charge to all DIREC 2010 participants (both Ministerial representatives and Business conference attendees). They may be hosted by one organization or jointly, however each organizer can be involved in only one event. Examples of DSEs include:

Government or national organization: A government or a national organization might host an official Side Event to present its current renewable energy policy and obtain international feedback.

Multinational institution: A multilateral bank or agency/organization, government coordinating agency, or development organization could host an official Side Event to bring its community together, promote its mission, and expand its network of contacts.

Non-Governmental Organisation: A non-profit organization, foundation, environmental group, donor agency, or other form of NGO could host a Side Event to promote its mission or to present a certain topic relevant to the goals of DIREC 2010.

Higher numbers of participants are likely to increase the demand for Side events. The complexity of the process will reduce availability of space and time for such events. Therefore, the DIREC Secretariat has developed the following criteria to evaluate and select from among the proposed Side Events on the basis of relevance and significant contribution to the overall objectives and thrust of the DIREC, 2010. A separate section (Guidelines for Official Side Events) provides Guidelines for submission of proposals to organise the Side Events and selection criteria. Agencies/ Organizations interested in organizing Side Events at the DIREC are advised to follow these guidelines and become familiar with the criteria before making a Side Event request.

Due to the space limitation within the perimeter of the Conference Venue, the Host Agency would be provided a Hall in the same perimeter of the Conference Venue, to be used for side events, which can include paid catering services ( on request). Use of such space and services implies costs that the organizers must be prepared to cover.

How to submit a side event proposal

Interested parties, in holding Official Side Events should submit their proposal using the enclosed Official Side Event Application Form and attach detailed description of the proposed event including its thematic focus, speakers/presenters.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 31st July, 2010

DIREC Secretariat will post the approved Official Side Events at Conference website: as soon as possible thereafter.

Selection Criteria

Any government agency, multinational institution, or recognized NGOs may apply for approval to host a Side Event at DIREC 2010. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has appointed Sectoral Advisory Committees to review applications in each respective sector, who after examining each proposal shall make recommendations to the Steering Committee of DIREC,2010 and REN21 for approval.

General information for Official Side Event Organizers:

  1. Official Side Events will be held at the India Exposition Mart & Center, co-located with the Trade Show at DIREC 2010 and on the side lines of Official DIREC 2010 meeting, providing easy access and convenience
  2. Proposed Official Side Event shall be open to all participants
  3. Inter-governmental meetings always have first priority over other events or meetings. Side Events may be cancelled at the last minute if an inter-governmental meeting needs to use the room where the side event is scheduled. In these cases, the DIREC Secretariat will attempt to reschedule the cancelled event in another location or another date
  4. Official Side Event organizers can request equipment and services for their event including: projectors (slide, video, overhead or laptop-to-screen), microphones (standing mikes or use of the sound system in the meeting rooms if applicable), projection screens, and sound recording of the events (based on availability of recording equipment in the room), and Internet connections. Use of such equipment implies costs that the organizers must be prepared to cover
  5. Interpretation services are not available for Official Side Events. Organizers should keep this in mind in the planning of their events
  6. Printed materials can be distributed during the Official Side Events and during the meetings by using the tables or other such facilities that will be available near the meeting rooms. If the meeting rooms where Official Side Events take place are also where the official meetings are conducted, organizers are requested to be responsible about material distribution and ensure that the rooms are left free of clutter after their Official Side Event
  7. Distribution of printed materials that are not directly related to the DIREC Agenda shall not be permitted during an Official Side Event or at any other time at the meeting. The DIREC Secretariat will remove materials judged to be inappropriate. Sale of such materials (or any other goods) on Conference Venue during the Side events or at any other time is strictly prohibited
  8. Displays and exhibitions are not allowed on Conference Venue unless organized through the DIREC Secretariat. Official Side event organizers are advised not to set up displays or put up posters on meeting room walls during an Official Side Event or at any other time during the meeting to avoid removal and loss of their material
  9. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the meeting rooms where official meetings also take place. Activities that involve food or drinks, such as receptions, are allowed only in Side-events taking place outside the Conference Center and should be arranged directly by contacting the Managed by of the DIREC – M/s Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd. (contact information available at the DIREC website)
  10. Publicizing an Official Side Event is the responsibility of the organizers. The DIREC Secretariat will not produce fliers, distribute notices, or run other publicity efforts for side events. To inform participants about the Conference and its events, the DIREC Secretariat shall distribute copies of the full program on the first day of the Conference. The DIREC Secretariat shall also provide a daily leaflet containing the most up-to-date list of sessions, events and meetings of that day.

For Additional Information on Official Side Events:

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