IRECs - A snapshot


Since the initiation of the first IREC in Bonn in 2004, this conference has achieved high-level international participation of stakeholders from policy, business, science and civil society. The Bonn "Renewables2004" and the subsequent conferences in Beijing (BIREC 2005) and Washington (WIREC 2008) provided important fora for the international discourse on renewable energy.

The Bonn 2004 conference yielded a political declaration as one of its outcomes, which reflected shared political goals for an increased role of renewable energy and a joint vision of a sustainable energy future.

At BIREC 2005, political declaration fostered the scaling up of renewables. WIREC 2008 focused on voluntary pledges. Six years on, DIREC 2010 is well placed to trigger further development and scale up of renewables through a political declaration / concrete plan of action.