Terms and Conditions for Tours to Bangalore and Bikaner

  • Prices mentioned in this document are valid for all bookings made within 21 days from the date of travel (30 Days incase of Charter bookings).
  • Due to constant fluctuations of the world oil prices local suppliers are liable to raise their contract rates without notice due to fuel increases. In such cases, we reserve the right to increase our prices if necessary.
  • No booking is made at the moment; room category is subject to availability upon request for confirmation.
  • All the above prices are based on the specific number of persons traveling as mentioned above. In case of any change in the number of persons, traveling the prices may increase / decrease accordingly.
  • Confirmation of rooms and meals at the above mentioned hotels are subject to availability {We will make alternate arrangements if particular hotel (s) are unavailable at the time of booking}.
  • Refer cancellation and payment clauses in terms and conditions agreement (Will be sent up on booking confirmation).
  • We apologize for any inconvenience that may arise out of Force Majeure.
  • Government service will be additional at 2.575% for accommodation, 4.91% for transportation and 1.9% incase of flights.

For booking query, please send your request to
Mr Tarun Malhotra
Travel Coordinator
DIREC Secretariat
Tel: 91-11-42795000 / 018
Email: tarunm@eigroup.in / tarunm@direc2010.gov.in